Sustainable progress is possible.

New times that require us to adapt ourselves to urban mobility and sustainability within the surroundings of our municipalities, towns, and cities, generating clean energy and consuming it where we need and use it.

We design. We build. We share.

This way you allocate your economic resources and invest in the fundamental areas of your professional, commercial, or industrial activity.

We design the solar parking that will allow you to self-consume and charge electric vehicles in your municipality, sized to your energy needs, now and the future.

We built the solar parking with a patented structure, using ultra-resistant double-glazed solar panels and with a great resistance in wind and snow loads.

We built an infrastructure so that the municipality allows the implantation of recharging electric vehicles and self-consuming renewable energy.

We share. 100% of the generated energy can be consumed by municipal buildings, they will see a drop in their energy expenses by using this self-generated sustainable energy and on top of that enjoy a modern infra structure for parking, shadow and Electric Vehicle Charge

Urban Mobility, the great challenge of the electric vehicle.

A necessary change that requires everyone’s effort.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030

Electric cars (2020)
Electric cars (2030)
Charging points (2020)
Charging points (2030)

Responsible production and consumption

You can increase the renewable energy consumption proportion in gross final energy consumption.

Consuming yourself responsibly will reduce artificial greenhouse gases emissions, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Environmental taxes

The percentage of environmental and labor taxes on total tax revenue may be reduced.

Environmental taxes are defined as taxes whose tax base is a physical unit (or representation) of something that has a proven and specific negative impact on the environment.

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